Pantaloons Coupons & Promo Codes Get Flat Rs 1500 Discount on Shopping + Enjoy Greencard Rewards

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Discover the latest Pantaloons Coupons & Promo Codes to unlock fantastic discounts on your fashion shopping spree. Whether you’re a new or existing member, Pantaloons Greencard offers you exclusive benefits, including reward points, and access to special events.

List of Pantaloons Coupons & Promo Codes:

  1. Use code PTWELCOME10 for an Extra 10% Off on your first order above Rs 1599.
  2. Apply code PT1500 to get an Extra Rs. 1500 Off on orders above Rs 6499.
  3. Use code FEST1500 to enjoy Rs. 1500 off on orders over 5999.
  4. Get an Extra Rs. 1000 Off on orders above Rs 4499 with code PT1000.
  5. Apply code FESTIVE1000 to receive Rs. 1000 off on orders above 3999.
  6. Use code PT750 for an Extra Rs. 750 Off on orders above Rs 3499.
  7. Apply code FESTIVE500 to get Rs. 500 off on orders over 2999.
  8. Use code FESTIVE400 to enjoy Rs. 400 off on orders above 2499.
  9. Get an Extra Rs. 350 Off on orders above Rs 2499 with code PT350.

How to Avail the Discount?

  1. Visit Here
  2. Click Signup Now & Create Your Account
  3. Now Add Products According to Minimum Cart Value & for Greencard Activation Purchase Buy above Rs. 2000.
  4. Apply Coupon According to Offer (see List of Pantaloons Coupons & Promo Codes Above)
  5. Now Add Delivery Address
  6. Proceed to The Payment Section to Complete Your Order.
  7. Pay the Amount Online

What is Pantaloons Greencard?

Pantaloons Greencard offers an array of exclusive benefits. From earning reward points to gaining privileged access to exclusive events, the Greencard program ensures that every visit to Pantaloons is exceptionally rewarding.

Pantaloons Greencard
Pantaloons Greencard For Full Details Click Here



  • These terms and conditions would be applicable to customers who purchase from Pantaloons’ stores located across India and who sign into the Pantaloons website and agree to become a part of the Greencard program by providing his/her phone number.
  • The Greencard program refers to the loyalty program of Pantaloons (a division of ABFRL) which awards select benefits and rewards as part of the membership proposition.
  • Any customer becomes a Greencard member on signing up for the program either at store or online (pantaloons website/app) (hereinafter referred to as “Pantaloons”)
  • Membership to the Greencard program is restricted to individuals with a valid mobile number in India.
  • Membership to the Greencard program is restricted to Indian nationals only who should be of minimum 18 years of age at the time of enrolling into the program.
  • The Greencard membership is meant for Pantaloons customers only and Greencard points can be redeemed at Pantaloons online and offline stores.
  • The Greencard program membership will be activated within 24 hours from enrolment.


  • A Greencard member is entitled to Greencard points on purchase of products (subject to standard exclusions as mentioned below) from Pantaloons provided the purchase is made against registered mobile no.
  • To earn Greencard points on first bill, a customer needs to shop for a minimum of Rs. 2000/- or above.
  • Standard exclusion with respect to earning of reward points:
    a) Purchase of Insignia Membership (This is a different benefit program and has separate terms and conditions for availing the benefits under this membership).
    b) Products bought on discount/during end of season sale period,
    c) Products which are sold under any discounted rate/as a part of promotion.
    d) Greencard points are also not accrued on purchase of fine jewellery, Pantaloons Gift Vouchers / Gift Cards and carry bags/ purchases made.
  • Greencard benefits are applicable only for retail customers and corporate/institutional will not be entitled to any membership related benefits against such purchases and Pantaloons reserves the right to cancel/terminate membership once it comes to their notice and recover/reverse any undue benefits availed by the customer.
  • Greencard points are issued on purchase done only in Pantaloons stores and and not on Pantaloons merchandize sold on any third-party sites.
  • Greencard members will not be entitled to earn reward points on past purchases (prior to becoming member) or on purchases that are not made on their valid Greencard membership. If one does not share the mobile number registered with Pantaloons at the time of billing, Greencard privileges will not accrue on that transaction.
  • Your Greencard points earning is valid only on payments made by cash / credit card / debit card, select wallets and any other valid tender that Pantaloons may notify from time to time.
  • A Greencard member can earn a star tier as detailed below:
    (a) 1 star member on becoming a Greencard member;
    (b) 3 star member on shopping of Rs.8,000/- annually;
    (b) 5 star member on shopping of Rs.20,000/- annually;
    (d) 7 star member on shopping of Rs. 40,000/- annually.
  • Shop for Rs.8,000/-, Rs.20,000/- or Rs. 40,000/- annually and retain your 3, 5 or 7 star membership respectively. If these shopping limits are not maintained annually, then the Greencard member will be assigned one tier below the existing tier.
  • A Greencard member can earn reward points as below:
    (a) 1 star member : Newly Enrolled Greencard member – Earn 2 reward points for Rs. 100 spent provided enrolment waybill is of Rs. 2000/- or more, else the member starts earning reward points from next billing onwards;
    (b) 1 star member: Existing Greencard member – Earn 2 reward points for Rs. 100 spent;
    (c ) 3 star member: Earn 12 reward points per Rs. 100 spent;
    (d) 5 star member: Earn 20 reward points per Rs. 100 spent;
    (e) 7 star member: Earn 28 reward points per Rs. 100 spent.
    For 5 star and 7 star members, amount paid towards carry bags will be reimbursed to the members as Greencard points.
  • Points will get credited in Greencard within a maximum period of 72 working hours from the date of transaction. However, points accrued on any online purchase done through using cash on delivery (COD) option will get credited in Greencard, within maximum 72 working hours of successful delivery of the product to the Greencard member. In case product bought by Greencard member using COD option, is returned by the Greencard member, then the points accrued on such purchase will be reversed and debited from your Greencard.


  • The value of 1 Greencard point is 25 paise
  • All points accumulated in Greencard shall have validity of only 1 year from the date of its credit in Greencard.
  • Points validity and accrual is independent of the star rating tier.
  • If Greencard membership is lapsed/voided/suspended then all the points will also be deemed lapsed irrespective of their validity.
  • Redeemed/Lapsed Greencard points shall not get credited back to Greencard member’s account under any circumstances.
  • Pantaloons has the right to change, amend, alter, limit, modify or cancel rules, regulations, rewards, or terminate this Greencard program and Greencard point structure at any time without any prior notice. The point structure can also be restricted / modified by Pantaloons during certain sale events. All details pertaining to the benefits and rules governing the program are published at and the member may access the same from time to time to stay updated on the program.
  • By enrolling into the Greencard program the Greencard member authorizes Pantaloons to communicate with him/her, from time to time, on contact details provided by the Greencard member
  • Your Greencard benefits/reward points are exclusive and cannot be clubbed with Corporate/ Employee privileges.
  • In case of any complaints, Greencard members can exchange their purchased garments within 90 days of billing. In case of exchange, Greencard members need to ensure that the products are not used and are in saleable condition. Exchanges shall be governed by the exchange policy
  • Greencard membership is subject to force majeure conditions including acts of God, strikes, war, riots, pandemic, epidemic, change of law, statutory prohibitions / restrictions.
  • Pantaloons reserves the right to terminate membership with immediate effect and without any notification, on grounds of misuse or fraud or change in law.
  • Disputes arising in respect of any subject matter shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mumbai Court.
  • Greencard member agrees that he / she has understood the terms and conditions set out herein and agrees to the same.
  • For any complaints or queries, you can write to us

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